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Sunday, May 06, 2007

For Sellers: waiting can be costly

The Herald continues it's article series on the Manatee Money Squeeze. We encourage all of our listing clients to read this article:

In a declining market, like we have seen in the Bradenton - Sarasota , Florida area holding out for "your" price means only one thing. You will end up with even less in your pocket as the days tick by.

We have seen it happen for month after month now. We list a home at what seems like market value at the time. However, the market is declining every month. What seems like the right price is soon rejected by the market.

Sellers who wait too long to drop their price too little see their listing languish on the market. However, sellers who repond quickly to lack of showings and lack of offers with a significant price adjustment soon have offers. We have seen some of our clients receive 3 offers at a time and sell above the asking price.

Our recommendation:

1. Price it "right" to begin with.

2. If you have few showings, make a price adjustment.

3. If you have lots of showings but no offers, make a small price adjustment.

4. Have your house in super, tip-top shape.

5. Make it sparkle during showings.

We have sold 30 houses this year already. That's about 10 times the number sold by the average agent in our market. We know HOW to sell your home, but you control the price.


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