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Friday, April 27, 2007

Send a message to Florida Legislators: "Lower property taxes!"

Florida Legislative Update on the Property Tax Issue

April 26 • 10:30 P.M.
Tie breaker? With the Florida House and Senate at an impasse over the best way to provide immediate property tax relief to thousands of Florida homeowners, Gov. Charlie Crist today announced a plan he considers a reasonable compromise. His four-part program includes rolling back local property taxes for 2003 levels, with an allowance for inflation and population growth; doubling the homestead exemption to $50,000; Save Our Homes portability; a 25% property tax exemption for first-time homebuyers; and a $25,000 exemption in taxes for business equipment and other tangible personal property for businesses.

“This plan would provide immediate relief to both those who are barred from the American dream of owning their first home and those current homeowners who feel unable to move and trapped by skyrocketing property taxes,”

Governor Crist said in a press conference this afternoon. “By providing immediate relief now along with a plan for future reductions, we can reverse the trend of high property taxes and make living in Florida more affordable.”

Tell lawmakers what property tax reform legislation means to you. With the 60 day session scheduled to conclude next week, legislators need to hear that comprehensive property tax reform for commercial and residential real estate is needed NOW, during the regular session.

The House continues to push for a property tax/sales tax swap but the idea is flatly opposed in the Senate. Governor Charlie Crist recently indicated he does not support a sales tax increase, but wants more relief than what the Senate proposes.

April 25 • 10:30
Try again tomorrow. The Senate came back to the property tax reform conference committee tonight with a new offer: they’ll agree to roll back property rates to 2000-01 levels, but no deal on replacing property taxes on homestead properties with a higher state sales tax. House conferees weren’t impressed and asked the Senate for a “formal” offer. And so it goes.

Check in tomorrow for the latest in the ongoing search for meaningful property tax reform.

April 25 • 3:30 P.M.
No deal. The House and Senate remain at odds over the best way to deliver “doable” and meaningful property tax relief to Floridians. After a raucous conference committee meeting yesterday, each chamber met separately this morning to try to patch together a compromise. FAR lobbyists report little progress after either meeting. House is holding firm on its plan to abolish property taxes on primary homes in favor of a higher sales tax. The Senate wants to roll back property taxes to 2005-06 levels, double the $25,000 homestead exemption for first-time buyers and allow homeowners to transfer a portion of savings they accrue under the Save Our Homes amendment when they buy a new home. The House and Senate Conference Committee meets again at 6 pm.

Find your Senator or Representative and send a message: and Tell them we want a roll back in property taxes to 2001 levels, increase the sales tax and eliminate property tax, set limits on local and state spending. MORE property tax relief than currently being discussed! Send a fax! Send an email!

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