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Friday, July 21, 2006

For Nudists: Read This

Did the headline capture your attention? Here's a curious article:

Nudist Housing Niche Shows No Sign of Slowing

Much of the real estate near St. Petersburg, Fla., has been selling slowly, but there’s one niche hasn’t been hit by the slowdown — nudist resort housing.

Paradise Lakes nudist resort put 39 new 1,167-square-foot condominiums up for sale late last year for $200,000 each. The units aren’t scheduled for completion until October, but all 36 are sold.

Property at the Oasis, a 28-home gated community for those who prefer life in the buff, doesn’t turn over often. In the last 12 months only one home has changed hands – an 1,800-square foot property sold for $360,000.

"The slowdown really didn't worry us," said Joe Lettelleir, Paradise Lakes' owner. "We are fortunate that we are somewhat insulated from the mainstream market.

Source: St. Petersburg Times, Chuin-Wei Yap (07/16/2006)


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