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  Articles for Home Buyers

You will notice that most Realtor Web sites will require you to give up personal information before accessing valuable information like the articles below. You will definitely end up on their "prospect list" and be bombarded by e-mails and phone calls.

Our approach is different. We know that you value your privacy. Therefore, we provide you FREE access to these articles WITHOUT requiring any personal information from you. We trust that you appreciate this approach and we ask that you allow us the opportunity to earn your business should you decide to buy or sell or home in the Bradenton / Sarasota area.

Ask A Realtor
What’s the difference between a REALTOR and a real estate agent?
Why do I need a REALTOR when I can see the houses for sale on MLS myself?

Before You Buy A Home
10 Biggest Home Buying Mistakes
Are You Really Ready To Buy A Home?
Renting Vs Owning
Tips For Finding The Perfect Neighborhood For Your Family
Waiting To Buy Your Dream Home
Waiting To Buy Can COST Your Money!
How To Save For A Home
How Well Do You Know The Home Buying Process?
Prepare To Buy
Home Buying FAQs
Why You Should Buy Instead Of Rent
How Much Can You Afford?
Before Applying For A Mortgage
Timing Your Home Purchase
Top Things To Know
Bradenton: Top Place To Retire

A 30-Year or 15-Year Loan?
Getting PreQualified
Tips For Mortgage Shopping Online
Mortgage Facts And Tips
Pre-Qualified Vs Pre-Approved

Looking At Homes
Buying With Your Heart And Your Head
Do You Really Need An Agent?
House Hunting Tips
How Many Houses Can I View In One Day?
To Lock Or Not
How To Look At A House
Stop Before Buying The Wrong Home
Advantages Of Buying An Existing Home

Making An Offer On A Home
Does Your Closing Date Make A Difference?
How Can I Protect Myself When Buying A Home?
Negotiating Tips
Negotiating Strategies
Ready To Make An Offer
Making An Offer To Purchase A Home
Dealing With Counter Offers
How Much Should I Offer?
Making An Offer The Owner Can Not Refuse
Negotiating The Offer
Know Your Sales Contract
When Making An Offfer, Do NOT..
Closing Dates Are Important

Contract To Closing
Now That Your Contract Is Accepted
How To Buy Homeowners Insurance
The Home Inspection
Title Insurance: Who Needs It?
When To Lock In Your Mortgage Rate
What Happens After Your Contract Is Accepted?
A Guide To Home Inspections
What Are Closing Costs, And Who Pays For Them
What Is A Closing?

Moving Tips
Make Moving Easier
Moving Tips Ease Your Pain
Moving To-Do List
Moving & Packing Tips

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